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House Hunt


Harvey PSG provides tenants with great options for affordable accommodation and always looking to raise the standard of living.

Tenants turn to us when…

  • They're looking for affordable accommodation short term or long term

  • They are wanting a higher standard of rented accommodation

  • They have sold a property to us and require new living arrangements

  • Standard market available accommodation doesn't meet their needs

  • They get frustrated with landlords failing make good on promises

  • They are embarrassed of their current living conditions

  • They have concerns over the safety of their property

  We provide tenants with a range of rental options that  
  make moving into a new home an enjoyable process.  

At Harvey PSG, we continue to grow our rental portfolio to meet the needs of our client base.


  • We offer high quality rental accommodation

  • We provide a simple and seamless process of application for rental properties

  • We can provide genuine helpful advice for anyone looking for a rental property

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