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We can find your next investment

Harvey PSG works with investors to maximise ROI, develop and build portfolios, and create ‘arm chair’ investment opportunities.


Investors usually turn to us when:

  • They’re looking to build wealth but
    do not have the time to put in to property

  • Frustrated with the current return
    on their money

  • Have an interest in property investment but do not know what strategy suits their situation

We provide investors with many strategies to OPEN, EXPAND, or CREATE a new direction in their investment journey.

At HARVEY PSG, we aim to continue growing our Investment Partners and do so as a direct result of our very different approach to other alternatives:

  • We offer monthly cash flow, lump sum payments, joint property ownership, create portfolios, and other creative strategies to build wealth in different speeds and sizes to suit 

  • We use an uber-simple approach
    and framework

  • Capital growth and cash flow options



Everything you ever accomplished started with a "first time"...

How it works.


Watch Now

We provide investors the opportunity to make excellent returns on their money by growing a property portfolio through with us joint venture partnering, allowing you to watch your passive income grow while sitting back and relaxing, or while working on other projects that require your time and attention.

We can present opportunities to you that will put you in a position where you are no longer working for your money, but your money is working for you. It used to be the case that we would be advised to create a savings account and save away our money to gain interest from the bank, but it's no longer the smart way to make passive income; in this climate, you'll be lucky to get 1% return, so your money will need to be working for a very long time, but will give you very little in terms of reward.

So putting your money into a savings account with a bank is not the answer if you are looking to improve your lifestyle - this is where property investing comes into play.

We can help you to invest in property opportunities selected by professional property investors whereby the returns are mapped out in front of you to make your investment decisions more effective and more profitable.

Minimise the risk

Every investment opportunity that we work on has the number one aim of giving as big a return on investment as possible. Other than ensuring customer satisfaction, this is our core focus in any deal.

Maximising return on investment

Our experience in the property investment sector means that we don't take risks with your money or our own. We read the markets and assess every deal before looking for any external investors to joint venture with us on a property deal. This means you get well thought-out and calculated opportunity with minimal risk.

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