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Residential Houses


Selling your house
just got easier.

Harvey PSG will work with any property owner and are prepared to buy any property in any condition with the aim of transforming it in to state of the art, boutique, and modern home for resale or for rent/rent to buy.

  • They’re searching for a discreet fast and reliable service when Facing Financial Difficulty
    If you have come into financial difficulty, releasing equity through your property is one of the quickest and easiest ways to overcome monetary problems.


  • Going Through Divorce and want to sell the property quickly
    When going through divorce, one of the best ways to divide up or resolve the splitting of assets is to sell your property.

  • Need to Relocate 
    If you need to relocate quickly, or plan on moving abroad, don't let selling your house hold you back.

  • Pressure of upkeep and cost of an Inheritance property
    If you have inherited a property, it can be time consuming and costly to manage, we can buy your property from you to help you avoid further taxes and charges.

  • Frustrated with the Difficulty of Selling
    If you have suffered numerous broken chains and fallen through deals, it could be easier to sell your property to us to guarantee that the sale goes through and allows you to move on with the purchase of your next property.

  • Need to Sell Fast
    If you find yourself needing to sell your property quickly, we can help you to avoid the usual time-consuming processes involved with estate agents.

  • Frustrated from dealing with long drawn out processes in selling cycle
    If you are experiencing a long and drawn out process, you may have even experienced a number of serial property viewers taking up your time, our services completely remove this from the process to help you to make more progress in less time.

  • Under pressure to eliminate debt
    If you are struggling with debt, selling your house is great way to get yourself back on your feet, especially with the great options that we have to ensure that you are rehoused and back on your feet.

  • They’ve had it with high maintenance bills due to the property being run down
    if the bills are mounting up due to a low quality property then it could be time to move out and find a more suitable home. We will help you by purchasing your property and assisting you with finding your new home.

  • Facing threats of Repossession
    Falling behind on your payments can be a worrying time for any home owner, if you want to benefit by selling your house for its real value, rather than the price after repossession, we can offer you the real value of your property to help you clear your debts and get back on your feet.

Property owners will turn to us when:

We provide property owners with a first-class service and a range of solutions that are designed to suit everyone’s unique situation.

Harvey PSG continues to grow in the property market as a direct result of our very different approach to other alternatives:

We are a truly
one-stop-shop and will take care of everything for you

There are no fees to work with us

We provide the solution that is best fitfor everyone so, everybody wins

We have a team of highly specialised professional in place and ready to get to work on your solution

If you need to sell your house,


Selling your house and moving is one of the most stressful events a person can go through, not only for the home owner, but for the entire family. Let us help by removing the stress of selling your house so that you can concentrate on the move. 

Contact us today for an offer on your property, with zero fees for enquiring; we will put an offer on the table and you can make the decision, yes or not.

We pride ourselves on providing a high quality, friendly service that is fast and effective, but most importantly, it's free. We don't charge you a penny for our services!

If you need to sell your home quickly, for whatever reason, get in contact with us today. There is no need to suffer the financial stress of a property that you no longer want to keep hold of.

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