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Selling your house
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Harvey PSG will work with any property owner and are prepared to buy any property in any condition with the aim of transforming it in to state of the art, boutique, and modern home for resale or for rent/rent to buy.

Property owners will turn to us when:


They’re searching for
a discreet fast and reliable service when Facing Financial Difficulty.


Need to Sell Fast.
We can help you to avoid time-consuming processes involved w/ estate agents.


Going Through Divorce and want to sell the property quickly.



Frustrated from
dealing with long
drawn out processes
in selling cycle


Need to Relocate. If you need to relocate quickly, don't let selling your house hold you back.


Under pressure to eliminate debt. We have great options to ensure that you are rehoused & back on your feet.


Pressure of upkeep & cost of an Inheritance property. We can buy your property to help you with taxes.


They’ve had it with high maintenance bills due to the property being run down


Frustrated with the Difficulty of Selling. Sell your property to us to guarantee that the sale goes through.


Facing threats of Repossession. we can offer you the real value of your property to help you clear your debts.

Streets of London
Streets of London

We provide property owners with a first-class service and a range of solutions that are designed to suit everyone’s unique situation.

Harvey PSG continues to grow in the property market as a direct result of our very different approach to other alternatives:

We are a truly
one-stop-shop and will take care of everything for you

There are no fees to work with us

We provide the solution that is best fit for everyone so, everybody wins

We have a team of highly specialised professional in place and ready to get to work on your solution


If you need to sell your house,

We Will Buy It!


Contact us today for an offer on your property,
with zero fees for enquiring; we will put an offer on the table and you can make the decision, yes or no.

Selling your house and moving is one of the most stressful events a person can go through, not only for the home owner, but for the entire family. Let us help by removing the stress of selling your house so that you can concentrate on the move. 

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