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Luxury Flats
Your role as a landlord just got easier.
Flat viewing
Harvey PSG provides landlords with great options
for their property no matter the size of their portfolio, as landlords ourselves, we know what is needed.

Landlords turn to us when…

  • They are looking to retire and no longer want to manage a portfolio of property

  • A property has fallen into negative equity and they want to avoid making a loss

  • They are in financial difficulty themselves

  • They have tenants that are causing them problems and no longer have the time to deal with them

  • They simply want a quick sale of a property they no longer wish to manage


We provide landlords with a range of options that make downsizing or exiting their portfolio completely
an enjoyable process.


At Harvey PSG, we continue to work with landlords and provide services that meet the needs of our client base.


We offer a high quality service to landlords when they need it the most


We provide a simple and seamless process of enquiry for landlords



We can provide genuine helpful advice for any landlord looking for assistance with their portfolio

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